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9. February 2010 14:08
by Jobo

Obituary: Killed by Socks!

9. February 2010 14:08 by Jobo | 5 Comments

Yesterday evening, February 8 2010, in her very own kitchen just before supper - The Double Pointed Needler officially succumbed to fatal sock-inflicted injuries. 

death socks on! 

Carefully crafted from Knit Picks Illusion yarn, the weapons were soft but swift.  These alpaca babies were definitely not skittish about meeting strangers.  They leapt from the carefully addressed and delivered yellow envelope and quickly and permanently wrapped themselves around the victim's feet.

envelope of death The Needler is reported to have slouched in her chair immediately - out of pure handmade sock pleasure.  Also, added to the tragic package to soften the beastly blow were 2 beautiful bars of Ghirardelli chocolate (one with dark chocolate and caramel, the other milk) and a tube of Burt's Bees Honey lip balm.  A kind note accompanied the assassin's sockly treasure offering condolences - but no apologies - for socks well knitted and games well played.

When contacted for comments, the Needler's Husband refused to speak with our reporters, but admitted his sadness and sense of loss over the whole fiasco.  Though he thinks perhaps now that there are no further rounds of insane sock assassination missions, perhaps his wife might be able to finish his afghan, which has been in progress for far longer than any pair of socks he has ever seen.


death socks booty

From the grave, The Double Pointed Needler sends out a very heartfelt Thank-you to both Dore and DevilSticks for their excellent sock grenades which fit perfectly, are a lovely color, and will be worn many many times :)

17. January 2010 23:40
by Jobo

Sock Wars V... 'Cheque' is in the Mail!

17. January 2010 23:40 by Jobo | 6 Comments

well, first thing tomorrow morning, the "cheque" will be in the Mail... heading on a cross country journey out to the west coast!  They will be some seriously well travelled socks by the time they arrive, and hopefully the recipient likes them.

leg #2

Another hour later...

- the leg was coming along nicely... really, this pattern is written quite clearly.  Some other knitters have been a bit confused by the placement of the eyelets and such, but I didn't have any problems (which is a first, usually if there is confusion to be had, I'm smack dab in the middle of it)  I chalk it up to all of the wonderful support of my family and you great readers out there.  My mom and Bff have each called twice today to see if I was finished yet, and the Husband baked a celebratory strawberry rhubarb pie in honor of my perseverance



heel #2

Another Hour later...

- I like straightforward slip-stitch heel flaps.  Easy Peasy.





Then I got lazy about taking photographs.  I knit like there was no tomorrow, and finally:  the finished pair.  (please excuse the sad yellow tinge... it is well past dark and not ideal conditions for photos!)

finished pair

I am a little disappointed that I didn't have time to do a proper blocking, so they are a little bit wrinkly and such, but overall turned out very well in the end.  Plus after looking at the darn things for 2 days straight, I think I may have lost my objectivity ;)

complete package censored

As many other Sock Warriors, I tried this week to find some extras to help soften the final blow for my target... as if Soft Squishy Blue Sockiness wasn't reward enough for a game well played?  I found some sparkly jeweled, dimensional scrapbooking butterfly stickers, and some cute beaded stitch markers that matched with the Blue of the socks.  I wrapped the whole package up in tissue paper and sealed the envelope up good.  I hope she likes them!



Dear Canada Post...

the torch has been passed to you now... Carry my package safely to it's target - and make it SNAPPY!

17. January 2010 13:49
by Jobo

Sock Wars: Die Another Day... today won't be it!

17. January 2010 13:49 by Jobo | 2 Comments

Chugging along on my second sock... no Second Sock Syndrome going on over here!  but I will admit that my hands are a little crampy and stiff.  I hope today holds less pot-holes (aka real estate showings and cleaning) so I will still be able to finish my pair today and be all set for the Post office in the morning. (for all you non-Canadians, the post office here is only open Mon - Fri, so Monday am is the soonest I could mail my death socks anyways)  Mark called the post office this morning to double check the hours and make sure that we can get there before work... and it opens at 7 am.  Things are looking A-Ok.

Today I thought I might try and give an hourly photo update on the progress of the final sock... since I'm comfortable with the pattern now and cruising along, it was more reasonable to take time to smell the roses ;)  As opposed to yesterday, when I was scrambling and panicking, wondering if I was going to make it!

progress 30 minutes

the first 30 minutes...

- cast on and ribbing established. 

- note to self, must learn to knit ribbing FASTER!




progress 60 minutes

the first Hour...

- ribbing almost completed, the whole 2 inches.  phew





progress 90 minutes

the first 1 1/2 Hours...

- Funny how things get much faster when the pattern switches to mostly Knit stitches... flying like the wind!

- Mwa ha ha




progress 120 minutes

the first 2 hours...

- Pattern well established, and zipping along.

- 2 more sets of the 16 row repeat and it will be heel time!  I'm not a huge fan of the way the eyelets look before blocking (a little sloppy) but they look quite a bit more refined after sliding the socks onto the Blockers.

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