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15. November 2010 10:41
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday: Bamboo, Merino, and BUNNY... mmmmmmm.

15. November 2010 10:41 by Jobo | 0 Comments

bowl of batts

I decided over the weekend that I should try and process some of Ruttiger's fluff... just to see what it would be like.  I have 2 good sized shoeboxes full of "combed" fur, aka the stuff that tangles around the wire comb when I am grooming him, and even though the little poofs are tangled, I wondered what a little pass on the handcards would do to them.

Well here is the result!  I did not measure or weigh anything.  I simply layered the 3 fibers and carded gently. 

I started with just a barely visible wisp of natural ecru Merino top, then teased open a layer of the soft Grey angora and carded.  Next I put a barely visible layer of gunmetal gray carbonized bamboo, then again a layer of the angora.  I repeated the process for a total of 4 layers (Merino+Angora, Bamboo+Angora, Merino+Angora, Bamboo+Angora)  and then removed the batts from the carders and "pulled" them like you would prep a batt for spinning (Not as rolags)  This gave me a semi worsted strip of fiber, which were promptly rolled into light airy nests!  The lumps and bumps in the angora teased out and carded up beautifully!  A perfect homage to the fluffy fella the fiber came from :)

bunny and christys mitt

  This photo shows a batt or two with the latest handspun mittens... using the yarn featured a few weeks ago on Yarn Candy Monday.  I think I might use the batts to make the lining, though that means I have a bunch of carding to go.  The bowl shown above has 10 batts/nests in it... which weighed just under 0.5 ounces!  (seriously it's like carrying an empty bowl, if you were to sneeze, it would blow away!)

Happy Monday :)

7. November 2010 12:17
by Jobo

Literally... the rabbit is ALL OVER me about cleaning his cage...

7. November 2010 12:17 by Jobo | 1 Comments

Sometimes it's the "boss" on your back about something... other times it's the "help" on your back about the quality of your cleaning skills... 

Please ignore the Pink Pajamas.  (Yes those are pink flamingo pj pants.  They are comfortable, and generally nobody sees me in them so it's perfectly fine for an adult to wear them!)  Also please ignore the bad hair and the ample derriere sticking out of an inordinately large rabbit cage.  No comments from the peanut carrot gallery on that one ;)  *wink wink *

I had just woken up, decided to release the kracken feed the rabbit, and then thought it might be a good time to clean out his cage too.  So I nudged Ruttiger up to the second floor to be out of my way, and I set about sweeping up the hay and tidying up the cage.

Then I feel 2 tiny little light paws on my back.  Marky starts to laugh.  Then a little hop and VOILA!  the bunloaf is literally on my back.  Standing on me, supervising my cleaning job.  The Maid - I Isn't... but apparently this 5 lb little fuzzball feels I need some supervision ;)

Geez Ruttiger... will ya get off my Back about it Already?  I'll give you a treat when you get down! 


Thank you to "Daddy" for grabbing the camera so quickly, and for stopping laughing fast enough to snag a shot!

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