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30. March 2011 08:29
by Jobo

Greensleeves.... er socks...

30. March 2011 08:29 by Jobo | 1 Comments

    greensleeves back to back

I have a soft spot for Knit Picks sock yarns.  Ok there.  I admitted it.  Seriously though, the value is excellent, and the selection is fun.

Some time ago, I had unconsciously decided to steer away from self striping or self-patterning yarns.  I think maybe it was because I had been doing more cabled and lace patterned socks, so the stripes and fancy yarns tended to get in the way of the design.

Lately, there have been a bunch of great colors in the self striping selection from Felici (a 75% Superwash Merino /25% Nylon) Blend Sock Yarn.

Every now and again, I just feel the need to make some plain jane, vanilla, boring, ordinary socks.  The kind where you don't follow a pattern, you don't really plan ahead, you just go for it.

This pair had languished for a while.  I had started them months ago (back before the Maritime Handspinner's Retreat back in October!) but somehow had gotten ignored in the Jeep.  These were my "Car" knitting project, and I kind of forgot they were there!


greensleeves solesgreensleeves without blockersgreensleeves 2

The Goods:

Pattern:  Made up as I Went! Knit from the toe up, 2-at-a-time on circulars, afterthought heels.  No regard given to whether the yarns were at the same point in the color progression at the starting point.  result - clearly related, but more fraternal than identical.

I really like the fact that these "match" but aren't identical.  I love how the heels and toes look different when you wear them.  Felici is soft and comfortable to wear... though I haven't had the heart to really break these in yet.  They're too pretty to wear out too quickly!  I had underestimated how much yarn was left when I started the cuffs.  Normally I don't enjoy knitting ribbing, so I don't work too much of it in a cuff.  If I make it to 2 inches, I'm doing well.  So when I realized I had so much yarn left, I really didn't want to frog and knit more stockinette and then re-do the cuff.  I just persevered and knit on... in ribbing... forever.  The result is a nice stretchy, soft, springy cuff though.  I can see why people like that feeling, and I don't think the socks will slip down as easily. Drat.  The ribbing, it does *nothing*, is actually useful, and I should consider making more of it perhaps.  Drat!

7. May 2010 19:24
by Jobo

Plain Vanilla Socks... Gemstone Color!

7. May 2010 19:24 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Opal RainforestAfter the craziness (and also wonderfulness) that was Sock Wars and Iron Knitter... I have been knitting quite a few "simple" projects.  I think I might have burned myself out on all of the challenging patterns maybe?  I think I am starting to get my mojo back though, because I am craving knitted lace...  I think it's just a matter of time before I jump back on that horse!

In my last Webs order I snagged a Ball of Opal Rainforest - a nice self patterning yarn.  I had read before that Opal was a workhorse sock yarn, with excellent quality and durability, so when I saw some pretty colors on sale I jumped at the chance.  It isn't exactly distinct stripes, but sort of stretches of color in a loosely defined pattern.  You will see what I mean later on...

In the ball, the yarn feels nice and wooly, but still squishy, and definetly not scratchy.  The colors range from white, to grey, to dark green, and dark blue, teal, and everything in between. 


As you can see, this pair isn't exactly identical, but both have similar distribution of color.  I really like the way they turned out, and the way that the subtle color changes kept me interested throughout the project.  I have always really enjoyed watching variegated colors fly through my hands.

The pattern itself is just a variation of my usual toe-up socks with 64 stitches to the round.  I'm getting comfortable enough with toe-up these days that I can just wing-it to work the gussets and heel turn.  Basically it ends up being similar to a Wendy Johnston toe-up heel, just usually with slightly different numbers. 

For the Cuffs though I tried something new this time though... What's that you say?  they look like plain boring 2x2 ribbing cuffs?  Well Yes, Certainly they are!  The difference is that I worked them via the Magic Loop Method - on a circular needle!

I was just arriving at the cuffs when my latest shipment of Knit Picks goodies landed in the mailbox.  So I took the opportunity to try working in the round on circs for something easy to start out with.  It took me a little while to get comfortable with the length of the cable, and which way to manipulate it to keep it out of my way, but it was actually easier than I thought! 

The needle itself was a 2.5 mm circular with the 40 inch cable (Options Nickel Plated Fixed Circular Needle).  I was surprised at just how flexible the electric purple cable actually was... next pair of socks I try will be done completely Magic Loop :)

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