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8. October 2011 16:02
by Jobo

Happy Thanksgiving All :)

8. October 2011 16:02 by Jobo | 0 Comments

It's definitely Fall now here on P.E.I.  The leaves are starting to change every so slowly, and the grass is turning that shade of olive green.  The weather has been awesome the last little bit though... despite a couple of cooler days and some rain/wind leftover from some tropical storms we've had a very warm September and now October.  Today the sky is clear and blue, and though crisp, it's still plenty warm for playing outside.  Since I'm trying to learn how to use my new camera, I went out for a little bit of a scenery-hunt and played around taking some photographs outside.  I still have to learn to use the macro part, and try some knitting close-up shots, but maybe I'll try that later this afternoon.  In case anyone is curious - we decided on the Nikon d7000 as a bit of an investment for when the baby comes, but also so I can take better crafty photographs when I decide to do more knit designing and publishing.  This Bad Boy will also take HD Video, and has a bunch of settings to take better pet and child photographs (i.e. multiple captures per second settings, and other goodies)

emyvale sheep oct 8 2011 

First I found Sheep... what breed, I'm not sure, out in a field in Emyvale... just grazing and looking disinterested :)  For some reason I always find this a calming sight when I drive through that area on the way to Mom and Dad's place.  There's just something natural and peaceful about sheep just hanging out in a field.  They never look like they are in a rush, just munching away on the hay and grass.  Sadly they were mostly all turned away from me, so all I got was sheepy butts.  I'm really liking the extra detail to the photos - my old camera was 7 megapixels... but this one is 16!  So. much. more. detail.

Ruttiger Oct 8 2011 2

Speaking of munchy little creatures... I think Ruttiger is already tired of Mommy sticking the new camera in his face!  He was my patient and ever loving model last night when I was trying to figure out the basics of the Auto Focus and "Pet Photography" settings.  Apparently the Pet Photo setting is supposed to have a fast shutter rate, so as to capture crisp photos of a squirmy fur-baby.  I am really pleased with the way that the new camera captures details like fur.  I found it was difficult to take photos of Ruttiger that would show is eyes and the details of his floofy little face. (Since everybody knows, the floof is the best part!)  but even after only a few snaps I seem to be able to get nice clear images of the little guy.  This one really shows his kind eyes, even though there is fur hanging over them :)

Brookfield Hay Bales 2 Oct 8 2011

Also in my travels, I stopped along the side of the road for a nice field filled with hay bales out in Brookfield.  I know it's a cliché type of photo location... but hey, gotta learn somehow right?  I tried to photograph the scene with both the bale and the tree in focus, and then with one or the other in focus with the manual settings.  Overall, not that complicated... though I wish I had brought along the telephoto lens too.  I just had the more basic one.  It will be interesting to see what the differences are when I try to play with the other one. 

Brookfield Hay Bales Oct 8 2011 

And another bale... with some brush and trees.  I know, really exciting stuff!  It was interesting to play with the settings though and bring one part or the other into focus.  I used to find with my old point-and-shoot Sony that it was really hit or miss as to which part of the photo would be clear... so I like having the ability to manipulate more of the image.  Before, I'd just shoot and hope for the best, sometimes capturing what I wanted, and other times not so much.  I'd like to go to a brook or waterfall sometime and play with the shutter speed and see if I can get that nice soft flowing water effect that you see in professional photos.  Something else that's interesting - I haven't altered the color or hue of any of these photos.  I found I was constantly having to do that with the old Sony.  It was like the colors just wouldn't capture accurately, especially of ocean/water shots.  I can't wait to try those out and see what the new Nikon can do :)

Hope you all enjoy Turkey Day - Happy Thanksgiving to all :)

25. August 2010 08:53
by Jobo

Badness and Fur...

25. August 2010 08:53 by Jobo | 1 Comments

That's what little Boys Bunnies are made of! Ruttiger was being extra cute this week... so I decided it was time for more bunny photos.

He is a big boy bunny now, at 15 weeks.  He has started shedding his baby coat, and has been receiving a lot of extra grooming lately to keep that loose fur from flying all over the place and matting up.  It's tough to keep the extra fine baby coat in shape... I'm hoping that the texture of the adult coat will be a little easier to manage.  Meanwhile, I'll have to continue the serious brushing every second day with the hopes of keeping the level of matting down, and preventing wool block!

Ruttiger Aug 23 2010 a

Hi there everyBunny!

Here I am with my yummy pellets... or as Mommy calls them "kibbles"  Either way this things are mega tasty! 

If I act all cute and fuzzy (as if I really have to try hard) Mommy will pick me up and let me eat the kibbles out of her hand while I sit on her knee and get my ears and shoulders rubbed.  When I need a break from grooming, I just put up my paws and pretend that I want to snuggle with her, and she puts the yucky metal "comb" thingy down and coos to me and hugs me.  If I keep practicing I think I can train her just right!

Ionestly, I think I have these silly humans all figured out... I just have to act the Cute and they feed me the Tastys!  Daddy loves to feed me carrots and pineapple... and he gives bigger portions than Mommy does. 

Plus he does tricks for me! I have him trained to give me treats if I run back and forth through the tube, or jump on a box, or raise up and pretend to beg on my hind quarters.  Sheesh... Humans are smarter than I thought they were!  It has only taken a few sessions and I have him trained almost perfectly!

Anyways... I think I wanna go chew on my apple branch that my Mom left in my cage.  More Later -

- Nose Bumps and wiggles

Ruttiger Fuzzybottom Richardson III

Ruttiger Aug 23 2010 b Ruttiger Aug 23 2010 c Ruttiger Aug 23 2010

P.S. Yes, I know I am the best little Fuzzy Boy... Mommy tells me so all the time!  I'm not sure what she means when she calls me "spoiled" though... I'll have to look that up someday...

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