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13. October 2010 11:01
by Jobo

Thanksgiving... and the Apple Fairy comes to Visit

13. October 2010 11:01 by Jobo | 2 Comments

This past weekend, Marky and I decided to get all domestic and creative and go apple picking.... and then make our own Apple Crumble Pies to freeze like my Dad does every year.  Near our new house there is a small organic orchard (Beamish's Orchard in Warren Grove, P.E.I.) that we drive by regularly, so we decided to go and check it out for ourselves!  They were making homemade fresh-pressed apple cider that afternoon - which is delicious by the way! - so we got to see how that works too :)


Though it was a grey day, it wasn't overly chilly or wet, so ideal I guess for apple picking in the end.  The orchard has around 3 acres of goodies, with various types of apples.  We chose to buy some cooking apples... I think they were "Freedom" or "Liberty" or something like that.


Just because the apples were organic doesn't mean they were any less beautiful or perfect than the covered-in-pesticide variety... Of course there were a few wormy bits and spots here and there, but very delicious!


I had agreed to make 2-3 pies... but somehow the best laid plans got out of hand... and we ended up buying quite a lot of apples.  More than I had originally intended for sure.

We also brought home a few liters of the delicious pressed cider.  I can't believe how much better cider is than regular apple juice... there is just NO comparison on that one.

ruttiger and daddy apples2














When we got home... the *supervisor* inspected the apples we picked... just to make sure they were *edible*.


Getting ready to bake my little tushie off...

Marky and JonJon took care of the peeling and chopping... and I took care of the crusts and crumble.  The pies went into the over 2 at a time... and the house smelled like an apple pie factory.  The kitchen was demolished (ugh, 8 pies worth of mess is a lot of mess) but the final result was worth it:

applecrumblepies After baking... cooling :)

What's that you say?  where's the 8th pie?  Why silly, it's over on the other counter... half eaten!  Seriously... did you think I could convince 2 fellas to help me in the kitchen for that many hours and NOT feed them some?  I'd have been tossed to the curb for sure!

applecrumblepie mmmmm pie!

ruttiger and daddy apples

Of course, we had to let *the boss* try some of the spoils as well... and since he isn't really a fan of crumble, he settled for munching away on a plain apple.  He has a thing for the apple skins... and was in Heaven!  Snuggling on daddy's lap with a whole apple?  Seriously.  Happy. Bunny.  (he ate the skin off about 1/3 of the apple... in case anyone is upset by my lack of portion control)

All in all... a successful baking day :)  Happy Thanksgiving All!

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