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21. October 2009 12:58
by Jobo

Neener Neener! Another finished Pair of Socks!

21. October 2009 12:58 by Jobo | 3 Comments

I think I may have found another favorite sock pattern… if that’s possible.  There is just something so curvy and feminine about the way the scallops work up… and they were so simple to work too!  A coworker said that the pattern looked much more complicated than my usual stuff, but honestly, I found these to be very simple and memorizable – and yet so satisfying!



1.  See that lovely scallop pattern?    2.  Pagewood Farms Yukon Hand Dyed Sock Yarn in ‘Santa Fe’    3.  Look up… wayyyy up to the ankle    4.  Gentle pooling in the stockinette stitch sole, pretty cool

The final verdict on the yarn:  so soo nice to work with!  I will actively search out this yarn again, hopefully soon if I can find a store that sells it locally.  The texture is super soft and smooth, and the bamboo fiber gives the yarn a glowing sheen.  They seem to just shine in the light.  As for color, the yarn did pool a bit in places, but was generally a nice spread out smattering of chocolate throughout the yarn.  Its difficult to know how a given yarn will react in different pattern situations, but It seems that this yarn is generally not a pooling one.



closeupheelI particularly enjoyed the heel portion of this pattern.  This was my first Wendy Johnston heel… which is a toe up traditional gusset heel that looks basically like the top-down gusset heel that most people learn to do first when they learn how to knit socks.  I haven’t really had an opportunity to wear these yet to compare the fit to other types of heels.  You can see in the closeup the neat and tidy way that the Kf&b increases look along the arch, and how tidy the slip stitch heel looks along the join to the rest of the arch.  If you haven’t tried this heel yet, I highly recommend it!  I’m not sure if all of her socks follow this format, but the next pair I tried of hers  definetly did.  This heel also resulted in a nice seamless / hole-less make up.  It bugs me the way that some types of heel construction leave little ‘holes’ at the ankle that sometimes need to be darned closed – these were no problem.


This sock project was my first entry in the ‘Sock Knitters Anonymous’ Ravelry Group… so Thanks to those lovely ladies for introducing me to Wendy Johnston’s patterns.  I really enjoyed my first Sockdown :)

29. September 2009 10:58
by Jobo

Autumn Progression

29. September 2009 10:58 by Jobo | 1 Comments

On PEI, every year there is a definite progression from Summer weather - with warm light breezes and sunny summer days - to a chilly snap in the air and a clear climate shift.  Autumn has definitely arrived.  There are even some leaves turning orange and red!  Harvest is in full swing too.  I made pickles on the weekend at my Mother-in-law's place, and her pumpkins are almost ready for picking.

One thing I actually like about Fall as a season is that 'Back to School' sentiment, and getting back into a routine.  This summer was an especially busy one for us with the Wedding and other summer activities.  Now Marky is back to university, we are on a regular schedule again, and it is cool enough inside the house to cuddle up by the fireplace in the evenings.  (who doesn't like that?)

Fall also means generally more time in the evenings for fibery things! 

Here is what I've been up to:

Blocking Elvish Leaves!

Here they are all finished (wrinkly and bumpy) sitting next to my bathroom sink waiting for blocking... a warm sink sock bath!  I managed to get them onto the blockers a day or so ago, but the lighting was poor (dark cloudy skies last evening)  and I didn't get any decent finished pics yet.  I hope to photograph them tonight when I get home.  Overall I am very pleased with them, but I will write more with the FO pictures. (more about these socks...)

More Socks...

I have been making progress on my "Ain't your Boyfriend's" socks (made with Lovely Pink Kauni) But I am finding it difficult to work on them unless I am at home and can mark down the rows between cable crossings.  I am getting a lot better at reading my own knitting, and can do lace charts without writing stuff down, but I find that if I don't pay attention with cables I can't really tell how many rows it has been, and I end up with lopsided or uneven cables.  This I will master some day.  I have sock number 1 done except for the afterthought heel, and number two is almost to the heel.  Someday soon they will be finished.

Meanwhile, I have been eyeing up my stash of Vacation yarns (what souvenirs do you bring home from vacation? I buy yarn) and decided it's high time for my Pagewood Farms Bamboo sock yarn to get used.  I have been eyeing "Pomatomus" for a long while, but hate doing K1P1 ribbing (would rather gouge eyes out)  so when I saw that there was a similar pattern out there but without all of that ribbing, I decided to go for it:  I cast on this morning in the car :)

The Pattern is "Nanner" by Wendy Johnson (Available as a free download on Ravelry) and luckily enough, these even count towards my entry for Sockdown September (A contest from Sock Knitter's Anonymous Group on Ravelry... you should see the wicked prizes!)  I just have to finish them by Oct 31, which really isn't much of a stretch. I've been breezing through socks lately.

Well I guess thats all for now folks... have a knitterly Tuesday!

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