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2. April 2012 04:43
by Jobo

Mystery Socks… Cheery Littlebottom

2. April 2012 04:43 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I’ve been participating off and on in a couple of sock knitting groups on Ravelry for a few years, but recently have dusted off my competitive spirit and I’m trying to jump back in with both feet :)

For the Month of April… I’m planning a double dip for prizes by doing the SolidSocks Mystery sock, which also counts towards the Sock Knitter’s Anonymous April knit because the pattern is named after a literary character (a perequisite for that group’s April Sock)

The pattern is:  Cheery Littlebottom by Allison Isaac 

The name Cheery Littlebottom comes from the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchet… which I haven’t read yet, but have been thinking about trying.  So – this may be the inspiration I needed to kick things into high gear!

Clue number one is up… and it looks like there will be cables in them :)  toes up, and cables!  My plan is to use the skein of “Cocoa Kiss” Dream in Color Starry that has been waiting patiently in the stash.  I wound the skein into a ball this morning while Romy napped, and hopefully will cast on tonight or tomorrow.  With these mystery Knit alongs there is a clue released each week, so I hope that I can keep up and do the required portion each week and finish when the rest of the KAL group does.  It’s kind of weird choosing yarn while not knowing what the socks will be like, but I hope I chose ok :) 

The socks can be cast on any time after April 1… and must be completed before the last day of April :)  Wish me Luck!

Dream in Color Starry

The Yarn – Dream in Color Starry – in Cocoa Kiss

11. January 2010 09:02
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Mondays: Mystery Blue Clouds Fiber

11. January 2010 09:02 by Jobo | 4 Comments

Now that the Holidays are over? Yarn Candy Mondays are Baaaaaacccck!

blue clouds

This little puffy beauty is a gift from another local spinner that I was lucky enough to meet up this weekend with for my first real "Spin-in" - BrighidGreen - Thank you, Thank you!  Apparently this wool was purchased for it's super soft cloudy look and feel, and is presumed to be Polworth, maybe.  Since she had a nice big bag of it, she gave me a couple of nice sized handfuls to play with :)  The fiber itself is really light powder blue and feels like it could float away it is so poofy.  Since I don't have very much of it, I'm thinking maybe I'll try and spin it up and then ply it with something else so it will go farther? maybe with a thin bamboo single or something?  I think the shine of the bamboo will just pop next to the icy bluish blend :)

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