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12. September 2010 14:26
by Jobo

IK2: Round One Complete - Loch Ness Fog

12. September 2010 14:26 by Jobo | 1 Comments

After much struggling for motivation, finally I have completed my "Loch Ness Fog" socks!  Both the color, combined with the fact that I have been re-listening to the audio books of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series... have gotten me thinking about Scotland.  (The series is awesome, and the reader for the audio books is superb!  I get lost in the story and realize I've stopped knitting to listen!)

finished loch ness fog

The socks have turned out as planned... though the texture is a little busy I think.  I am glad I decided to use a mostly solid color for these, because I think I would have really disliked any extra distraction from the color. 

The yarn here is Knit Picks Kettle Dyed Stroll in "spruce", and as always this yarn was a pleasure to work with.  The completed socks are soft, warm and comfortable. 

Seeing as how this was my first pair of 2-at-a-time socks... I am pretty pleased with the new skills I've learned.  After some coaching from the other members of Team Canada I decided to go for broke and try and turn both heels at the same time on the same circular needle.  The process was a little fiddly, but mostly painless, so I am glad I decided to try it out.  I think it would have been way worse to try and shift the socks to different needles and then shift back again.  I will definitely try this technique again sometime.  I think it will be perfect for simple ribbing or stockinette socks... much faster than trying to do one and then remember exactly what I did to complete the second one.  I really liked that aspect, not having to write down the details so I can remember them for the second sock.

3. September 2010 10:30
by Jobo

Back to the Loch with ye Nessie... IK2 Round 1 Socks

3. September 2010 10:30 by Jobo | 0 Comments

loch ness fog close upOne thing is for certain - while the patterns for these competitions are not always the type of design I would choose for myself, I definitely learn something from each one.

I have made it up past the cuffs and through the first pattern repeat of my Out of Town in London Fog Socks... and haven't managed to tangle my yarn or contort my circulars in too many nasty ways.  One thing is certain of the 2-at-a-time magic loop technique - it is very fiddly to get started, but not that bad once the tube is established for each sock.  I found the first half-dozen rows it felt like the tube was twisting, and I had to really try hard not to accidentally "mobius" the cuff.  After a dozen rows though, it was easy to see where I was at all times, and I was learning how to place my needles for the most comfortable knitting position.

As for the pattern, it is well written, and so far creating a pleasing textured fabric... but I sooooo wish it was lace or something!  I'm dying to cable something, or knit a few stitches together, or make a couple of Yarn Overs or something.  I know that other people enjoy these knit-purl stitch patterns, but I really don't think they are for me.  I'm sure the finished socks will look nice in the end, but I am really challenging myself to get them done.  I think it is fortunate that I'm working two at a time, because I know I'd have a rough time to finish the second at this rate...

2. September 2010 15:29
by Jobo

Off to the Races... London Fog Socks

2. September 2010 15:29 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Iron Knitter 2:  Mad Knitting has begun... after a slight delay in the clue-solving (thank you Team Canada for being smarter than I and figuring it out in time!) my socks are cast on, and the ribbing is mostly complete.  90% of the knitters who complete this design will progress on to round 2, so I have to knit quickly, but really don't need to kill myself at it for this round.  I have no problems churning out a pair of socks in a weekend, and the deadline for this round is Sept 17th.

I decided to challenge myself a little here - I'm working this pair 2-at-a-time on circulars - my first time using this technique.  I hear that it's a great way to work a pair of socks quickly, especially since there is less counting and record-keeping.  Because both socks are worked at the same time, when you complete a section (ribbing, leg, heels, toes) you are completely done of that section.  I've caught myself counting the rows of 2x2 ribbing several times already... but it doesn't Matter how many rows of ribbing I do now as long as it reaches the 2 inches mark!  Freeing isn't it?

The pattern itself ("Out of Town in London Fog" by Helen Waittes) is a specially designed pattern for Iron Knitter and is named for one of the companies that employs the advertising company of Sterling Cooper Draper Price in the AMC show Mad Men.  Helen knit her test socks in a lovely grey smoke color (presumably the color of the London fog itself? though in the show, one Brit Character admits that there really is NO fog in London to be spoken of) but I decided I'd like to be different.  And since the pattern is named for a fictitious meterological phenomenon - I decided to name mine after a fictitious mythological creature... the Loch Ness Monster.  (Yarn:  Knit Picks Stroll Kettle Dyed in "Spruce")

cuffs london fog

Loch Ness Socks... Cuffs - Knit 2-at-a-time on Circs!

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