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15. July 2011 13:00
by Jobo

Ruttiger... Summer Salads are Delicious!

15. July 2011 13:00 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Ruttiger June 27 Salad

It has been such a treat having a vegetable garden again!  When we moved last year, it had been too late to plan anything, so we didn't have any homegrown vegetables at all. This year, Marky built me some 4x4 foot container gardens for the back yard so we could resume the gardening!  I planted tomatoes, onions, carrots, herbs, several types of lettuce, spinach, and yellow beans... most of which have come up and are doing pretty well.  The spinach and lettuce are big enough now to chow down on, and the beans should be starting to flower soon, so the beans won't be far behind. 

Ruttiger is also enjoying the fresh summer vegetables!  Throughout the winter months, he got treats of whatever we were eating at the time, but having a garden in the backyard means that I can go grab a handful of bunny salad anytime I please.  He's been getting bits of fresh grass, timothy hay, clover, lettuce, spinach, and all sorts of goodies.  (I think he might eat as many vegetables as I do these days)  At least on the days when I know the heat is getting to the little fuzzypants, I can give him some wet veggies and know that he is getting the proper amount of water and isn't getting dehydrated!

In other news... fresh Island Strawberries are also out - another classic taste of summer here on P.E.I. yummmmmmmm.

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