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8. November 2011 05:56
by Jobo

Elementary, Watson - Classic Men's Socks

8. November 2011 05:56 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Some time ago... I knit these socks for a dear man I met under some unfortunate circumstances...

warren's sock stack

My Grandfather was very ill in the spring, and spent some time at the Palliative Care Unit at the Prince County Hospital.  Grampy had liver cancer and spent his last days there, under the care of some very special doctors and nurses.  At the same time our family was going through this terrible loss... another family was going through something similar across the hall with their beloved Mom. 

It's funny how being in the same place, at the same time, going through similarly awful experiences can draw people together.  Mrs M had several children, a couple of sons and daughters who would be around the same age as my Mom and her Brothers.  Their families stayed on the unit visiting at all hours of the day and night, just as our family did.  We had many chats in the family lounge, shared some meals, treats, hugs, and even just kind and compassionate smiles when things were getting rough.  The whole experience was devastating and awful - losing Grampy.  Mrs M's family was equally devastated, but they were so kind to us and helped to support us in our time of need, though they were also in the same position. 

I remember one moment, I was in the lounge having a good cry.  I had just gotten off the phone with my Husband, things with Grampy were low.  I looked up, and Warren was standing in the doorway.  He just said "You know, kiddo, You're a Good Kid.  I know they really appreciate you being here today."  And then he gave me a hug.  At that point, I was taking care of my family the best way I knew how.  Grampy was needing pain meds and sedatives for anxiety pretty much every 30 minutes.  The nurses came and helped as often as they could, but it was us (the family) who had to deal with a fair portion of the ugliness.  Mom and Grandma weren't able to remember when the meds were given last.  They couldn't bear leaving Grampa's side to go and ask the nurses for more suction or repositioning.  I was doing the best I could, and being as strong as I could - yet I felt completely helpless and useless.  In that one moment, Warren's words and actions meant more to me than he will ever probably know.

After Grampy Died (March 6, 2011, a few days before my 30th Birthday... how's THAT for perspective?) I decided that I wanted to make something special for this man... in memory of his Mom, and as a thank you for being so kind to us when we were going through that mess.  I decided on Socks, since it's what I do best, and Most 50-something Men that I know can appreciate a nice pair of real wool, handmade socks.

warren's socks closeup 

I wanted to make a pattern that was elegant and dressy, but not over the top.  Warren would wear business casual type clothing for work, so I thought maybe something like this would be appropriate.  I used Knit Picks Stroll Solid - a nice and soft superwash wool that's safe to put in the washing machine, and hopefully will last for many washes and wears.  I chose a denim blue, thinking that it would be neutral enough, but still manly and simple.  I totally guessed on the shoe size.  I hope I was right!

The pattern is:  Elementary Watson Socks by Sherry Menton.  (A free pattern on Ravelry)

The pattern itself was nice and straightforward, though I must admit, I did mess up the heel somehow.  In the end it worked out ok, but I don't think you could say that it was the same as the pattern intended.  I enjoyed the little cables, and the V's were easy enough to memorize and "read" from the work, so I didn't have to keep the pattern handy at all times.

Warren's Socks Pair

I mailed out the finished care-package last week, now that the weather is getting cold enough to actually benefit from wool socks.  I was a bit nervous that he wouldn't like them, or that they wouldn't fit.  If nothing else, they are filled with good will and positive thoughts.

I hope that Warren wears his new Woolies in good health, and feels the good energy that was knit right into them.

You never know how your actions will affect the people around you, or how much your kindnesses really ARE appreciated.

4. April 2011 10:37
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday: Heirloom Notions...

4. April 2011 10:37 by Jobo | 1 Comments

Grampy's Scissors

After my Grampy passed away... I was pretty tough.  I was calm at the hospital when he died.  I was dry eyed, and reasonable for most of the day.  I persevered on, helping Mom and Grammy wherever I could, I stayed for every moment, even the horrible ones...

I kept my composure right up until the point I saw Grampy's little folding scissors on the window sill next to his lazy boy chair back at the quiet apartment.

For as long as I can remember... Grampy always had this little pair of scissors in his pocket.  If anyone needed to cut anything... the price tag from a new piece of clothing, the ribbon wrapped around a gift box, the last thread from a sewing project... Grampy would whip out his little folding scissors, and say "Here, Use Mine!"

If you were lucky enough to borrow Grampy's scissors, however, you had to return them immediately!  You did not want to the be the person to lose them.  They were always sharp... because the Singer Sewing Machine Man would sharpen them for Grampy whenever he came to town.  They were special scissors, so you never cut paper with them.  Duh. Even when I was very small I knew that.  They were Grampy's special scissors, so you had to take care of them.  I remember seeing those scissors at regular intervals throughout my childhood, at birthdays, Christmas, regular sunday visits, at the Red A-Frame Cottage at Mill River, at the trailer by the Drive-In, on car trips, on the boat...  even into my adult years.  Those little scissors were there, like a piece of Grampy himself.

That day when we finally came back to Grammy and Grampy's apartment, after the worst had happened at the Hospital... those frigging little scissors.  They should never be alone on a windowsill.  They are supposed to be in somebody's pocket, so they don't get lost.  I held them and cried for quite a time.

Grampy's Scissors folded After hearing why they were so important to me, Grammy told me that I should keep them - that Grampy would be proud for me to use them and keep them, especially since they were so special to me. 

Now these little folding scissors live in my sewing kit.  I take them out sometimes and carry them with me in my pocket (like today, I have them with me) and sometimes I just take them out to cut the final thread on a project.  I used them to cut the final woven in edges of my Ruttiger-Strawberry Stole.  I used them to slit the tape on the box from the last yarn order I received in the mail.  Every time I use them, it's like I'm getting to show Grampy the item I've made, or the treasure I've received.  It's like our little secret.

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