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25. October 2011 08:21
by Jobo

Maritime Handspinners' Retreat - the Vendors!

25. October 2011 08:21 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I've been a bit slack with my blogging since I got home from the Retreat... I've been preoccupied with my purchases, and required 8-months-pregnant naps!  Today I'd like to share a bunch of photos from the vendors area.... It was a great experience to walk around and chat with the vendors and fondle admire the wares.  When else can you go shopping and be encouraged to pick up everything and touch it?  Buying fiber is a very tactile experience for me.  I need to feel what the fiber is like to know what I can do with it... which is difficult because I often buy wool online for lack of local stores with such goodies.  I'd be surprised if anyone would look at you funny if you rolled around in a pile of fiber on the floor in a room like that!  Very freeing experience.

Note:  I'm trying something new with the photos:  Click the thumbnails for full sized images!  (Thank you to my technical staff for the upgrade... ahemHUSBANDcough)

The Bobbin Tree - many wonderful wooly treats...  complete with experienced wool-pusher and enthusiast Janet!  (whose hair matched some of her fiber perfectly... just sayin *wink*)  I succumbed to the pitfalls of the booth and ended up with yarn, combed merino top, and a few other goodies too!  Also:  Jobo's prize for the best booth mascot goes to Orville - the Bobbin Tree Owl!

 the Bobbin Tree the Bobbin Tree the Bobbin Tree the Bobbin Tree the Bobbin Tree

Gaspereau Valley Fibres - our wonderful hostesses for the weekend... and their piles of dyed locks, tops, books, etc.  There were many people walking around with large brown paper gift bags full of these scrumptious locks!  The service was great too!

 Oct 15 2011 271 Oct 15 2011 267

Cobweb Woolies - There were many many bags of wooly treasures at this table... it was like a sea of them!  Delia had bags of both washed and unwashed natural wool locks in every color under the sun!  Wooly Balls made a comeback - basically dyed beautiful locks wrapped into balls with elastic bands hanging on a tree... forget holiday ornaments, you can decorate my Christmas tree with these!?  I bought a bag of creamy white washed Romney locks (8 oz) to play with, and it's springy and wonderful!

 Cobweb Woolies Wooly Balls! Cobweb Woolies

Handspun Silks - luscious, wonderful, handspun reeled and spun silks by women in developping countries!  I couldn't believe the beautiful colors of the silks, dyed with natural products and locally sourced dyes.  One particular shining beige brown was dyed with coconut husks, and just had such a warm lovely glow.  The second photo with the felted soaps, brown hat, and yarns... I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the vendor... but the products were really neat!  I almost bought one of the felted soap kits... but I feared it would be to nice to use, and would languish in the bathroom forever!

 Handspun Silk Can't remember vendor name!  Sorry!

Alpaca House Farm - I had a very interesting chat with a gentleman alpaca herder (and vintage motorcycle enthusiast) about farming, fiber production and processing, and alpaca yarn and blankets in general!  The fleeces were lovely, as evidenced by the prize ribbons, and this fellow's woven blankets were out of this world! I loved the geometric patterns in the two colored weave... priceless!

  Alpaca House Farm Alpaca House Farm Alpaca House Farm

I very much enjoyed all of the vendors and tables, but these were the only ones I managed to photograph between the petting of the yarn :)  All in all - a fantastic marketplace full of enthusiastic and helpful vendors and fiber artists!

19. October 2011 09:22
by Jobo

Maritime Handspinners' Retreat: 2011 - Spin Local!

19. October 2011 09:22 by Jobo | 0 Comments

This past weekend (Oct 14, 15, 16) was the 11th Annual Handspinners' Retreat over in Wolfville, Nova Scotia!  The party was sponsored by Gaspereau Valley Fibres, and held at the Old Orchard Inn - a lovely hotel located in the middle of the Annapolis Valley surrounded by fantastic apple orchards.  The theme this year was "Spin Local" - encouraging everyone to spin the wonderful fibers available in our own backyards.  I really like the idea of using local products in my work, especially since my favorite fiber provider actually lives in my family room! 

I really enjoyed the event last year... so I was quite excited to go back and see the spinners I had met, and also to learn new things.  I always find I leave this sort of retreat feeling so inspired and enthusiastic about fiber and art.  Seeing all of the beautiful things that others make gets me all charged up to go home and be creative!  My friend Jo decided to come with me for the weekend, even though she wasn't a spinner... this woman loves yarn as much as I do, so I knew she'd find some common ground.  She even bought a drop-spindle and gave it a try!  I think we might make a spinner out of her yet?

Plus, it was really nice to have something like this trip to look forward to this year... I'm finding that I'm feeling a bit lost in this pregnancy, and devoting some time to just being myself and doing some "big people" socializing was really overdue.  A lot of what is going on now revolves completely around the baby... Spinning, however, revolves around the Momma!

I took lots of photos during our trip... too many for sure to put in a single blog post :)  So I'll start out with some beautiful Nova Scotia Scenery... even this time of year, the grounds at the Old Orchard Inn are beautiful!

Oct 15 2011 251

Oct 15 2011 254

Oct 15 2011 225 Oct 15 2011 222

Oct 15 2011 243

   Oct 15 2011 231

Oct 15 2011 227


Oct 15 2011 311

Stay Tuned... photos of vendors, interesting guests, and yarn and fiber to come later this week!

3. September 2009 07:30
by Jobo

The Bobbins... they do Nothing! or do they?

3. September 2009 07:30 by Jobo | 2 Comments

I finally bit the bullet... and decided that expensive or no, I was going to finally order a Jumbo Kit for my Ashford Traveller.  I had been putting it off for quite a while telling myself that they were *only* bigger bobbins... that they wouldn't really *do* anything for my spinning.   And then, while plying the other night and worrying that I would overflow my current regular bobbins and have to splice an otherwise lovely skein of yarn, it hit me.  Oh-Jobo-just-order-the-darn-thing-and-get-it-over-with-already-you-weiner.

So here we are.  Brenda Gilmour (at Gaspereau Valley Fibers) was nice enough to help me figure out what I needed and then order it in especially for me!  I found her site/store while surfing one day looking for Ashford Suppliers.  She is fantastic to deal with by email and over the phone... and their website has all sorts of yarn and fiber goodies!  Stroll on over and check it out if you dare :)

The box came yesterday when I wasn't feeling very well... so I did unpack it, and touch every piece, and set it up on the wheel, but I didn't take any pictures yet... I plan on doing that tomorrow since I have a 4 day weekend (woooohooo!)


Stock Photo from Ashford


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