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13. October 2011 08:12
by Jobo

What's in a Nose?

13. October 2011 08:12 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Ruttiger Moof

I can't decide most days... what the cutest part of the rabbit is.  Is it the floofy tasseled ears?  Is it the furry little tail, that waggles from side to side when he's shaking out his coat?  Is it the puffy cheeks with the long soft fur?  Or is it the little pink nose that wiggles nonstop, sniffing the world, showing disdain for poor human behavior, and expressing rabbit-approval for quality nose rubs?

You be the judge:  I think this furry little moof is where it's at! 

I was lucky enough to catch this shot, mid hop, as Ruttiger was sniffing the crisp fall air this weekend out on the patio. 

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