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24. January 2010 23:04
by Jobo

Iron Knitter: Round #1 is Done like Dinner

24. January 2010 23:04 by Jobo | 11 Comments

soxual persuasion web 4

soxual persuasion sock #1 After much knitting... in a week where knitting was unfortunately low on the priority list... here is my Round #1 Socks for Iron Knitter:

Pattern:  Soxual Persuasion by Judy Sumner

Yarn:  Knit Picks Stroll Kettle Dyed in "Spruce"


- cuff and patterned leg completed as written

- transition from lace to stockinette done as an ad-lib "cathedral arches" style continuation of pattern stitch.... aka continue with YO and decreases after row 8, until the "arch" reaches a point (Sl 1 K2tog PSSO)

- Stockinette portion basically as written with my own Standard Flap-style Heel, and basic toe decreases.


All in all, a pleasant knit, interesting lace pattern, and a really refreshing plain foot... which was gratefully accepted after all of the knitting challenges the last few weeks with Sock Wars and Iron Knitter.  Who'd have thought I'd be excited to see plain Stockinette?  I did find the 7 inch leg to be a little long for my liking, but only because I prefer intermediate length to my own socks.  Other people probably like this.

soxual persuasion Best representation of "Spruce" Color in indoor photographs -->






<-- closeup of lace transition modifications...


soxual persuasion web 5 finished and resting on blockers ;)

17. January 2010 23:40
by Jobo

Sock Wars V... 'Cheque' is in the Mail!

17. January 2010 23:40 by Jobo | 6 Comments

well, first thing tomorrow morning, the "cheque" will be in the Mail... heading on a cross country journey out to the west coast!  They will be some seriously well travelled socks by the time they arrive, and hopefully the recipient likes them.

leg #2

Another hour later...

- the leg was coming along nicely... really, this pattern is written quite clearly.  Some other knitters have been a bit confused by the placement of the eyelets and such, but I didn't have any problems (which is a first, usually if there is confusion to be had, I'm smack dab in the middle of it)  I chalk it up to all of the wonderful support of my family and you great readers out there.  My mom and Bff have each called twice today to see if I was finished yet, and the Husband baked a celebratory strawberry rhubarb pie in honor of my perseverance



heel #2

Another Hour later...

- I like straightforward slip-stitch heel flaps.  Easy Peasy.





Then I got lazy about taking photographs.  I knit like there was no tomorrow, and finally:  the finished pair.  (please excuse the sad yellow tinge... it is well past dark and not ideal conditions for photos!)

finished pair

I am a little disappointed that I didn't have time to do a proper blocking, so they are a little bit wrinkly and such, but overall turned out very well in the end.  Plus after looking at the darn things for 2 days straight, I think I may have lost my objectivity ;)

complete package censored

As many other Sock Warriors, I tried this week to find some extras to help soften the final blow for my target... as if Soft Squishy Blue Sockiness wasn't reward enough for a game well played?  I found some sparkly jeweled, dimensional scrapbooking butterfly stickers, and some cute beaded stitch markers that matched with the Blue of the socks.  I wrapped the whole package up in tissue paper and sealed the envelope up good.  I hope she likes them!



Dear Canada Post...

the torch has been passed to you now... Carry my package safely to it's target - and make it SNAPPY!

6. January 2010 17:17
by Jobo

Afternoon Delight Socks? Done and Delicious

6. January 2010 17:17 by Jobo | 2 Comments

This pair took me a little longer than most, not because it was a difficult knit, but because i wasn't able to memorize the chart!  Nonetheless, I really enjoyed working on these rosy pink socks!

afternoondelightsocks I found overall that I liked the feel of the Yarn (Heidi's By Hand - purchased at London-Wul) but it was a little bit thinner than some of the other sock yarns I've used lately.  In the end I decided to knit the "large" size listed in the pattern.  Usually my feet are about a medium, size 7-8 or so depending on the style of shoe.  The wool is a little bit stiff, so I am interested to see how much it will soften up after a warm bath.  I'll keep you posted on that.  In the end, I think the gentle shifting of color was just right for this pattern? not enough to distract from the detail of the lace, but enough to keep this knitter amused and intrigued

The lace pattern itself was quite entertaining? and kept me on my toes.  Though I was not able to take them with me on the road, they did keep me amused and happily glued to "Joy of Sox" for the duration.  Most lace patterns have repeats of motifs and whatnot at regular intervals? this motif didn't really.  There were some sections of the pattern repeat where every second row was simply knit plain, and other sections where there was patterning and the shifting stitches with each row.  In some ways the uniqueness was a pain in the derriere (padded though it was from Holiday Overeating) but mostly it was refreshing compared to 6 row repeating lace.

Since these are toe-up, they also have a unique heel construction.  This one is somewhere between a toe up gusset and a short rows, combining some of the elements of both styles.  I won't lie.  I ended up making a boo boo and ripping back the heel on the first sock, and then repeated my error on the second and having to do the heel on that one twice also.  I think if I hadn't been trying to finish them up in a hurry late at night things would have been okay.  Note:  If you follow the pattern, it IS correct? it's my interpretation that was flawed ;)  The following day, with adequate chocolate intake, I was able to see my problem and fix it quite efficiently.



stockinette      Berries and Wine Yarn for web      image2.axd

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