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17. June 2011 12:17
by Jobo

Excuses, Excuses... and an announcement!

17. June 2011 12:17 by Jobo | 0 Comments

The last few months, I've been going on about how my knitting mojo has been iffy, and how I've been tired.  Well, there has actually been something going on with me, but I wasn't able to share it with you all before now.  Honestly, I don't even know how to tell you now what the whole thing has been about... because it is just such a monumental and wonderful thing!  (wonderful!  There... now you can stop thinking I'm in big trouble or something.)

So, I guess the best way to get it out there is to just blurt it out.  We're going to have a baby.  Yes folks, a Baby! 

The first trimester has been a bit of a trying experience.  I've known since very early on, since this was a very planned and very wanted baby, so it's been exceptionally hard to keep the secret.  I've had a lot of "morning sickness" from about 5 weeks on (hah "morning".... more like all-day-sickness) which I actually had to get help for.  I wasn't vomiting so much, but feeling like I could/should/might vomit all the time.  I've heard people explain that they were very exhausted in the first number of months... for me the exhaustion is like nothing I've ever felt before.  I've felt tired before, but this kind of exhaustion is so much more than just a hard-days-work tired.  I'm usually a night owl, and lately I'm ready to fall asleep much before 11 pm.   Since starting the nausea medication (which is a complete lifesaver) things are coming around quite a bit better.  Most days I almost feel like a real person again.  My husband might argue that point.  His wife has turned into an even wimpier, hormonal mess who cries over baby commercials, ice cream, and generally unimportant things.  Maybe when we get a little further along I'll get to feeling more like myself again.

This coming Sunday marks 14 weeks - and the little beast is doing great!  We've had several doctor's visits, tests and bloodwork, and lots of questionnaires.  All results are coming back boring and ordinary - exactly what you want to hear in this kind of situation.  In the office last week, Marky and I got to hear the little one's heart beat for the first time.  That little swish-swish-swish-swish sound was music to our ears!  I was disappointed I didn't get to listen for very long, but it was *there* all steady and regular. 

So do you have your calculator out now?  are you trying to calculate out the dates?  I'll save you the trouble!  The baby should arrive around December 20th... just before Christmas.  Unless of course the little Martian is anything like his dad, he will likely be "late" and we will be one of the lucky families to spend the holidays in the local Labor and Delivery department at the hospital.  Honestly, I don't care when he/she gets here... as long as everyone is happy and healthy.

So while none of my old clothes fit, and the belly is starting to grow a little each day.... I'm hoping that my energy will return for Act 2, and that the rest of this pregnancy will also be as boring and ordinary as possible!

There I finally said it!  Jobo is going to be a Mommy :)

31. May 2009 13:29
by Jobo

Engagement Photo...

31. May 2009 13:29 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I know this isn't crafty... well Marky can be pretty crafty (aka evil Laughing) sometimes... but I was excited to see how these turned out.  I think we clean up pretty good  too!


Wedding is in TWENTY days!  getting sooo excited about the whole thing too.  Went to see the reception venue last night since there was another wedding in, and the place was all dolled up.  Things looked really amazing!  I am really pleased, and feel very confident that the decorations I've bought are enough.  Another thing off my plate.


Photos courtesy of our fantastic Photographer Buffie Boily.  (She only does a limited number of weddings per year, and boy am I glad that ours is one of em!)


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