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6. July 2010 10:00
by Jobo

The Wabbit likes his new Address...

6. July 2010 10:00 by Jobo | 1 Comments

Even Ruttiger is settling into the new place... though at first he was a bit skeptical of the strange surroundings!  One bonus for him, we don't actually have a lawn yet -  but we do have tons of Timothy hay growing in the front yard :)


I've often noticed that in photos... rabbits often look like "deer in the headlights"... but here Rut-Rut just looks pleased to be crashing on the couch nestled on a towel with his Bunny-Daddy :)

And yet another Rut video... Those fuzzy little wabbit lips are just too cute to resist.  I could watch him eat Hay all day!  I can't believe we've had him 3 weeks already... and he's 8 weeks old today!

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