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28. February 2011 12:27
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday: Plum Special... Bobbins and Skeins

28. February 2011 12:27 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Plum Special BobbinI've been doing a little more spinning lately... which I find to be a little easier on the head than more complex knitting tasks.

Yes, there are precision movements, and paying attention to many factors (twist, single size, drafting, color placement, etc) but there is no counting.  I don't need to worry about how many stitches, or things lining up, or manipulating needles or yarn.  With spinning I find the process is just intuitive and mostly done by "feel" instead of by conscious thought.  It's refreshing for a change.

This particular yarn is a custom spin job for MC, a kind lady who contacted me about spinning up some fingering weight yarn for her to knit a shawl.  We talked color, then I dyed the fluff, and we've been collaborating on what the finished yarn should be like.

Plum Special skein 1 Plum Special Skein 1 natural light Plum Special Skein 1 a

Plum Special round

Now off to complete the rest of the yardage... I have about 280 yards in this skein, but I need to have 800 or so!

20. July 2009 08:31
by Jobo

Shawl-o-rama! Nightsongs...

20. July 2009 08:31 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Next lace project?

Another Shawl – Gail (aka Nightsongs) 

A few weeks ago my KnitPicks order arrived – full of lovely lace yarns.  They had a sample kit on sale that included 6 skeins of their different lace yarns in colours of Plum, Purple and Bright Fuschia Pink.   The sampler had a nice variety of yarns including some alpaca blends, 100 % Merino, Merino and lace Blends, and showcased some really lovely colours too. 

I couldn’t help myself.  I knew that one skein of each wouldn’t be enough to do much with, but if I had two of three skeins of each I could make shawls or scarves with them.  I was a bad knitter girl.  I ordered 2 kits.  Problem Solved! 

This will be the first project from these yarns…  I’ll let you know what I think of each one as I knit my way through the pile J 

I chose to knit Nightsongs from the vibrant dark fuschia yarn:  

Knit Picks: Shadow Kettle Dyed Lace Yarn

     - 100% Merino Wool

     - Lace Weight

     -  Each hank has 440 yards/50 g

     -   Kettle Dyed gentle variations in colour

     Deep Rich Colour, soft and bouncy feel

     Costs about 3.99 USD per hank = very affordable also!

This yarn came in wonderful fat hanks with an almost shimmering depth of colour.  It’s hard to describe the colourway almost in this case… varying from Deep Wine colours to bright rich pinky tones.  There is a definite variation as is common with kettle dyes, but the variation is soft and smooth.  I will be interested to see how this knits up. 

The last kind of lace yarn I bought… had it out for me I think.  That darn skein tangled and twisted and caught together so many times that I gave up, stuffed it in a bag and I am trying to ignore the fact that it’s really pretty and I can’t use it until I finally muster up enough nerve to try and wind the rest of it…. Erm, untangle the spaghetti pile.  

This yarn in comparison was smooth, snag free, no joins, slubs or knots, and was a joy to wind.  My mom helps me wind skeins when she comes to visit… and this one went as simply as: “hey mom, can you help me wind this?”…. snip the ties… wind, wind, wind…. Done!  It felt smooth in my hands, not itchy in the least, and the colour is even more dreamy than I originally thought.

love (1000).


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