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6. July 2010 10:00
by Jobo

The Wabbit likes his new Address...

6. July 2010 10:00 by Jobo | 1 Comments

Even Ruttiger is settling into the new place... though at first he was a bit skeptical of the strange surroundings!  One bonus for him, we don't actually have a lawn yet -  but we do have tons of Timothy hay growing in the front yard :)


I've often noticed that in photos... rabbits often look like "deer in the headlights"... but here Rut-Rut just looks pleased to be crashing on the couch nestled on a towel with his Bunny-Daddy :)

And yet another Rut video... Those fuzzy little wabbit lips are just too cute to resist.  I could watch him eat Hay all day!  I can't believe we've had him 3 weeks already... and he's 8 weeks old today!

6. June 2010 12:53
by Jobo

Ruttiger Fuzzybottom Richardson the First!

6. June 2010 12:53 by Jobo | 2 Comments

The babies are 4 weeks old now... and I went for another visit.  This time Marky came with me, to finally meet the little fuzzballs :)

all 5 bunnies

As you can see...  they have grown quite a bit!  Actually around tripled in size.  Their fur has grown almost an inch since the last time I had seen them, and the color of the coats is quite a lot more obvious now.  Three of the grey ones are clearly "Blue" in color, and look almost identical, and one is a lighter grey which is a bit of a mystery.  If any of you out there are talented enough to be able to identify English Angora colors, please feel free to educate me!  Is this "Torte" or "Lilac"?

heya broThe bunny family is very cuddly, and likes to be close together.  It was very rare for one of the kits to stray off on his/her own, and in fact they often laid right on top of one another, or at the very least, nestled right in next to a brother or sister.  They groomed each other, and nuzzled up against each other.  Each and every one liked being handled and picked up, even by us strangers. 

Today we learned a bit more about the sex of the babies too!  The white princess is a doe, the lightest grey is a buck, and there are 2 does and a buck in the darker grey color.  I am still leaning towards getting a buck so this leaves me with the option of either the light or dark grey... how in the world will I choose one!  They are ridiculously cute.

I am so surprised at just how calm and docile this breed of rabbit is.  The five of them just hung out on the little table just wiggling their little noses and checking out their surroundings.  I managed to hold each one, got groomed by basically each one, and giggled like a little girl.  You don't know how much restraint it took to not shove a couple of these little guys in my purse!  I'm sure at least 2, maybe 3 would have fit in there... at LEAST.

all comfy ears ears ears









mark and ruttigerThe little babes were so relaxed, they laid out with their little feet splayed out behind... and snuzzled up next to their bunny siblings.  As if the little ears weren't cute enough... that little white bunny Bum is Priceless!  And you thought human baby feet were cute... bunny toes?  seriously.  nom nom nom.

And Perhaps you wonder why there are only 4 bunnies in the photo above?  Where did the little light grey fella go?  Did he run away?  is he lost somewhere?  Nope.  See who has him?  Yes, in fact, that is the man who thought that getting a rabbit was a pointless and arbitrary idea.  Funny, they both of them look pretty happy... see the little mischievous grin on both their faces?  I have a feeling the two of them will have fun ganging up on me in the very near future..

me and all 5 bunnies














Now the countdown is on... Ruttiger Fluffybottom Richardson the First... will be moving in with us in another 3 weeks!

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