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20. October 2010 09:27
by Jobo

The King of his Castle...

20. October 2010 09:27 by Jobo | 1 Comments

bunny castle king

Finally, after about a month of languishing, the Bunny Castle is complete... and the king is all moved in!  As you can see he is quite comfortable and settling in just fine :)

bunny castle

The Castle itself is made up of generic branded "Neat Idea Cubes"... which are basically 14x14 inch wire grid panels that we lashed together with electrical ties (they were originally intended as shelving units)  and the shelves were custom made by Marky especially for the Ruttiger-FuzzyButt! 

We originally thought the ramp in the back would need some carpet on it, but he seems to navigate both up and down without any problems.  Watching the "down" strategy is the most hilarious thing ever... he stands at the top and puts his front paws just over the lip of the ramp... then its BUNNYSLIDE away... and he slides down the ramp like a child on a playground slide.  He looks so darned pleased with himself too... it's priceless!

As for the wooden shelves... we chose untreated pine so that it would be safe for him to nibble if the idea struck him... but I wasn't sure if he would make messes in this new cage.  In the old one, there was a wire bottom and any messes fell through.  Well, since Ruttiger moved in on Sunday he has had ZERO wet messes outside his box (great... now I jinxxed it, didn't I?)  and he hasn't really made much mess with hay or woodchips either.  The plastic mat base is easy to sweep up, and I can clean out the bottom in less than 5 minutes.  I bet if there were wet messes it would be easier to just lift the cage off to the side and hose off the mat, but it hasn't come to this drastic an action yet, so who knows.

Either way... the King likes his Castle!  and thanks his loyal subjects (namely Daddy) for the lovely new home :)

18. October 2010 09:48
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday: this yarn is still on the Hop...

18. October 2010 09:48 by Jobo | 3 Comments

RUttiger oct 4 2010 tent2

I haven't brought home any more new yarn this week... so I decided to take this opportunity to showcase another blatant rabbit photo... I love my little fuzzy boy... and his fur *will* become yarn some day... so that still sort of counts as Yarn Candy?  doesn't it?  oh drat... maybe it doesn't... meh.

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