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21. January 2011 10:04
by Jobo

Truer Words...

21. January 2011 10:04 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Jan 19 2011 011"The power of the angora rabbit is mind-boggling! I’ve said it before and I’m sticking with it - baby angora rabbits are the key to world peace. Just give everybody a baby angora rabbit at the same time. Just try to get hateful and fight while holding a baby angora rabbit. I don’t think it can be done."

- Bobbi Daniels (on a Ravelry forum about the irresistable qualities of angora rabbits)

Having held one of these little fluffernutters... I agree whole heartedly.  It was just too cute not to share, so here you go!

Happy Friday :)

28. July 2010 09:55
by Jobo

Knitting away... Where IS that Camera?

28. July 2010 09:55 by Jobo | 1 Comments

Summertime... ahhhhhhh.  Love the bright summer sun, and warm days.  But somehow, I haven't managed to take any knitting photos in the last week! 

The Projects:

- Plain Black Ribbed Men's Socks:  Yes I am completely insane.  I love the way they are turning out, but 3x1 ribbing for an entire sock, especially at a men's size 10... it feels like these are going on forever and ever!  I hope to take some photos of these soon, but seriously folks, they are PLAIN BLACK SOCKS.  period.  not much to see here!

- New Russian Spindle!  I ordered the most wonderful little Russian supported spindle from Gripping Yarns with hopes of learning to spin very fine Angora yarns from my soon-to-be ample supply of beautiful, supersoft, silver blue angora.  So far I've spun the sample that came with the spindle (which is the finest yarn I've ever spun, hands down) and a small sample of pure white plucked angora (not sure which angora breed, didn't say on the bag)  I absolutely love this spindle... from the feel of the wood under my fingers to the way it spins.  Clearly I need a bunch more practice before I make anything substantial from it, but the majority of my daydreams the last few days are all about this Spindle!jobo and rut 2

- Liesl:  Progress is being made, but I am annoyed with the tangles of yarn hanging off this sweater as I knit the sleeves.  I had been avoiding casting off or tying anything in... just in case I needed to frog.  I think I need to get rid of some of the hangers-on though.   I think my first goal should be to cast off the hem.  That will be easy to undo if necessary, and hopefully I won't need to anyways.  First things first eh?

- Ruttiger: The cutest little fuzzbutt around decided he wanted to sit completely on my lap this morning for the usual eating of the kibbles... I think he is learning to trust me more and more, which makes me feel like less of an inept Bunny-Momma.  He is so cute and has such a silly little personality... I could just eat him up.  And since Nobody *Ahem*Marky*Cough ever thinks to take our picture... We did it ourselves last night, rut rut and I, so from arms length with a crappy camera phone:  here we are! (Ignore the bad hair day... focus on cute furry wabbit!)

23. April 2010 07:35
by Jobo

Friday Funny... Dust "Bunneh"?

23. April 2010 07:35 by Jobo | 2 Comments

I am considering getting one of these adorable little Critters... so I've been stalking admiring photos on the net of these beautiful Angora Bunnies!  I visited a Breeder last night who lives not far from home... and I showed extreme pet-momma restraint and did not take any bunnies home with me (repeat:  I will not take bunnies home tonight, I will not take bunnies home tonight... )  though there will be a litter of kits born soon.  I would really like to have one (Please Mommy?)

Anyways - Happy Friday Everyone

Got Dust Bunnies in your houses?  I have some in mine, but they look nothing like this:


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