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18. October 2010 09:48
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday: this yarn is still on the Hop...

18. October 2010 09:48 by Jobo | 3 Comments

RUttiger oct 4 2010 tent2

I haven't brought home any more new yarn this week... so I decided to take this opportunity to showcase another blatant rabbit photo... I love my little fuzzy boy... and his fur *will* become yarn some day... so that still sort of counts as Yarn Candy?  doesn't it?  oh drat... maybe it doesn't... meh.

12. October 2010 08:15
by Jobo

Hairdo... Ruttiger belongs back in the 80s?

12. October 2010 08:15 by Jobo | 0 Comments

RUttiger oct 4 2010 tent flock of seagulls

The little Bun Bun was playing out on the deck last week... running and playing and jumping around... He looks pretty cute!  Someone pointed out though how his wave bangs looked like the 80s "Flock of Seagulls" look.  I was born in 1981, so I wasn't really up on all of the hot hairstyles of the 80s (I do however remember side ponytails, neon bike shorts, and many of the other delightful trends, lol)  so I decided I would look it up just for a laugh.  Bazinga!  It's a little uncanny... Hillarious!

21. September 2010 10:26
by Jobo

Angora and Cashmere - LACE!

21. September 2010 10:26 by Jobo | 4 Comments

After all of the fun of spinning each single, and lovingly plying them together, then petting the skein for a few weeks... I've chosen a pattern and started knitting up the lace :)

angora cashmere peacock tail lace 2

angora cashmere peacock tail lace 1Every time I look through the book Knitted Lace of Estonia, I daydream about each of the patterns... and drool over the intricate and lovely lace patterns.  I've knit a few projects already, but someday I imagine I will make every one of them.  For this decadent lace yarn, I decided to do the Peacock Tail and Leaf Scarf - both because of the lovely leaves and open style, but also because I could modify the pattern to be narrower, and use less yarn for a finished scarf.  I also opted to forego the nupps, both to preserve yarn, and because I figured the fuzziness would obscure them anyways.

I've worked the first "end" and made it up into the main body of the lace... probably 1/4 of the way. I am quite happy with the light soft halo that is fluffing up as the yarn is manipulated.  There were a few "thin" spots which scare me a bit.  I took another single and reinforced a couple areas by darning along side the thin strand.  I don't think it shows up too badly, and hopefully I kept things loose enough that the areas will block properly also.

The texture of the completed lace is quite difficult to describe... the yarn itself is very light.  You can hardly feel the strand flow through your fingers.  In comparison to the weight of the needles, the already completed section of lace weighs next to nothing!  It almost feels as though I'm knitting with air.  I know that Angora is very warm, so the finished scarf will have a lot of heat-holding ability, but it will be very very light.  I hope it will be as comfortable as it will be beautiful.

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