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7. January 2011 15:47
by Jobo

Allegheny Muse KAL... beaded lace!

7. January 2011 15:47 by Jobo | 1 Comments

A friend (Kim over at A Tail of Two Goldens) suggested that we should do a post-holiday Knit-A-Long for fun to mellow out and enjoy some good knitterly company after the rat race that is the holidays.  Perfect Idea!

So we met up last week for tea and treats... and chose a pattern and some yarn.  In addition to the knitting and chatting... I finally got to meet our hero and golden champion, Ernie!  (and his Little Bro Ollie too of course!)

After much deliberation and yarn fondling, we decided that whatever the KAL would be... it should include beads.  That helped to narrow things down to probably a shawl.  Names of fabulous designers were passed around (Jared Flood, Ysolda Teague, Rosemary Hill, and the like) when Kim suggested a great pattern by a relative newcomer - Kerry Milani.  After browsing the rav pattern page, it was unanimous, we would be doing the crescent shawl Allegheny Muse... and maybe next time something from "Romi"

barking dog olklahoma rose I have been sitting on a beautiful skein of Cashmere Blend fingering weight yarn from Barking Dog Yarns since the summer... and I think it fits this project beautifully!  I had originally thought that maybe I would make fancy socks from it, but the squishy softness was just so irresistable, I think it's a better idea to make a shawl out of it.  This way it will get touched and worn more often, and hopefully will have a long and useful life.

The color is "Oklahoma Rose" - and the yarn is 80% Merino / 10% Cashmere / 10% Nylon

And more about the pattern... "Allegheny Muse" is a crescent shaped shawl that is knit from the "bottom" up in a lacy beaded design, and then specially placed short rows create the upper plain knit portion and define the shape.  This is a new construction technique for me... and to be quite honest, until I set out to cast on, I thought that the plain knitting part at the top would be worked first!  oops!  My Bad.

I opted for the beaded eyelet cast on... I decided that the plain cast on of 200+ stitches might put me off to a less than ideal start.  I'm not great at being patient with ridiculously long cast-ons (*stamps feet and scrunches up face*) but somehow it seemed like a better idea to me to try and fandangle a crochet hook, a knitting needle, and a teensy-tiny beading crochet hook and a small bowl of size E seed beads all at the same time to make a *simpler* edging for myself.  Sigh.  I realize that I'm a little cracked. 

start allegheny museSurprisingly enough, after the first repeat of chains and YO's (and one official spilling of the bead bowl) I got the hang of the cast on.  I really like the way that the beads sit on the points.  Even though this was the first time I've worked this shape of shawl, I think I am going to like doing the lacy part first!  Save the boring basic knitting for later!  Bring on the crazy beads and lace!

I've been trying not to get carried away and go too far on the shawl until Kim catches up... which hasn't been all that difficult with the number of other Works-in-Progress that are lying around the house these days.  I've been quilting away, spinning, and knitting too!  My goal is to do 2 - 4 rows a day on this, and just roll with it!

So here she is - "the Muse" posing with a sparkly holiday ornament (which coincidentally matches the silvery foil lined beads)

allegheny muse edge with beads and sparkle

Want to join in?  Pop on over to Kerry Milani's Ravelry page and pick up a copy of Allegheny Muse for yourself!

7. October 2010 15:21
by Jobo

Lovely Blog Award... Awwww shucks!

7. October 2010 15:21 by Jobo | 2 Comments


I received a pleasant surprise today - I was nominated for a "Lovely Blog Award" by Heather over at implausibleyarn!

Thank you very much for thinking of me :)  I read your posts regularly, but never would have dreamed that you read mine.  I'm flattered!

Here are the Rules:

Grab the award. Post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
Pay it forward to 15 other bloggers that you have newly discovered.
Contact those blog owners and let them know they've been chosen.

It's true that choosing only 15 blogs was the challenging part... since there are so many talented and interesting people out there posting about their creative lives.  Here is my short list of 15 Blogs to go and check out:

A Tail of 2 Goldens - Kim always cracks me up with her sense of humor and her adorable little Ernie stories!

Doilies are Stylish - Rebecca makes the most amazing lace pieces!  I love to see what she has on the needles... and drool a little :)

Colorless Blue - makes incredible spindle-spun yarns and knits them into fabulous garments.  I've been watching her spinning from afar for a while now.

Violently Domestic - Hunter is no newcomer to knitting or to blogging... but I've only just recently found her!  This woman's socks will... er... Knock YOUR socks OFF!

Fuzzy Noodle Knits - I have been following the beautiful spinning and knitting creations over the the Fuzzy Noodle for a while, but her work is just too fantastic to leave out here.  This one is a favorite of mine :)

Knit/Wit - Another talented lady.... I've also been following you for a while, but I so love your stuff... you also are one of my Yarn Rock Stars :)  I hope to be able to spin like you someday.

WhimsyKnits - Exquisite Handspun... and beautiful weaving!

BabyLongLegs - I love Sarah's handspun hats... and her colorsense :)

Pat's Knitting and Quilting - what can I say... this woman is the Queen of Incredible Handspun Items!  If I could sit down with anyone for a lesson... it would be Pat :)

EskimimiKnits - Beautiful Vibrant Color!  Fashionable knits, tempting yarns, and the best blog photography I've seen!

All for Love of Yarn - Angela dyes amazing rich colors into her yarns!  I've enjoyed our chats and getting to know you also :P

Micamynx - Her handpainted fibers are works of art in themselves... then she spins them up into some of the most even and beautiful yarns I've seen!

Designs by Romi - Shawl-tacular!  Shawl-riffic!  Shawl-tastic!  (drool drool... all of her designs are so lovely!)

CosmicPluto Knits - just because Laura Rocks.  Complete Knitting Rock Star.  nuff said!

Too Much Yarn... so Little time - another self admitted sock-yarn-a-holic... I enjoy reading about the way you "control" your stash.  Quite honestly, if I had access to the beautiful yarns you do... I'd be DROWNING in them because I'd never let any. of. them. go.  period!


Phew!  That's quite a list!  I hope you all enjoy browsing the sites, and find as much inspiration and joy in them as I do :)

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