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22. December 2014 20:33
by Jobo

They are Done - Slippers fit for a Whovian!

22. December 2014 20:33 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I always have fun working on custom creations in this case the project started with an idea ? comfy slippers. 

The client and I started our conversation innocently enough ? with him wanting to have a nice warm pair of slippers crafted for his wife as a holiday surprise.  After a few discussions about likes and dislikes, the project took a quick turn into the world of Dr Who, and the idea of morphing the new popular Slipper Boot design and creating a TARDIS-inspired design.  When a search for themed buttons came up disappointingly short I decided to paint my own buttons with circular Gallifreyan messages for the client as well!  (see previous posts here, here and here for more details on the process and the evolution)

Well here is the finished product:

side view slippers

I started my project using the popular Drops Red Riding Slippers pattern.  I made the foot portion basically as written using a similar sized yarn ? and then modified the leg and ankle portion to suit myself.  The finished buttons are fun and have an interesting hidden message for the client too.

buttons close up 2

The finished fabric is nice and thick, and feels great on I?m almost sad to see them leave my house and move on to their new home.  I think I might have to make myself a pair soon!  It?s a nice thing to have warm toasty feet this time of year.

slipper side view again

24. November 2014 05:56
by Jobo

Tardis Slippers Bigger on the Inside?

24. November 2014 05:56 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I have been working on my Dr Who slippers... And things are going quite well. I finally had a chance to figure out how to do the TARDIS windows. Funny thing when my children refuse to sleep my creativity goes right out the window!

So I started out with the same needles as the base of the slippers, and just started to play with the white and the blue yarn. 

To get a comparable weight with the white yarn I had to triple the Patons Classic Wool. No biggie I just used the same technique as when you chain ply singles.  I didn?t bother adding extra twist or anything? just held the chain together as I knitted.  Maybe I?ll do a tutorial on this sometime if anyone is interested?


As far as straying from the original pattern goes... I sort of went all out in all directions.

I started with the same approximate number of stitches and knit a button band to begin with that was wide enough to accommodate my buttons, and that's about where following the pattern ended.

I looked at a bunch of drawings of the TARDIS to see how the windows should look and it appears that most of the drawings show clusters of 6 windows in a 2 x 3 pattern.


Now I'm just waiting to have enough energy to finish off the first ankle so I can sew it on and see what it looks like.

My colorwork in the back looks fairly tidy... But I am wondering if I should sew something over it to cover it up and make it look more professional. I wish I had some nice hundred percent wool felt or something. I really have to get some of Ruttiger's fur made in to felt sometime... another project for another day.

17. October 2014 09:00
by Jobo

Tardis Slippers... the Yarn and Concept

17. October 2014 09:00 by Jobo | 0 Comments

The Yarn

I'm a self admitted yarn snob.  I love silks and wools... I'd go into the studio and roll around in a pile of them on the floor... but I digress.

For Slippers - the cushiest, squishiest wools are not very durable, and therefore are not very practical either.  In the interest of slipper preservation, I decided that this was one of those times where the "fancy schmancy" yarn really wasn't going to give me the best finished product in the end. 

Ever wonder why our Grandmas knit slippers from that Plasticy Phentex stuff?  It was INDESTRUCTABLE!  (albeit, likely flammable, ugh, wearing near a wood stove?  melty-hot toes!)  I think I still have the pair from 10 years ago around here somewhere.  The old plastic Phentex yarn was basically just a rough acrylic, but intended for really hard wearing uses, like on our feet, or in a tough blanket.

So I wanted something in between!  Some of the squish and comfort of a real wool, but some of the hardwearing and practical qualities of an acrylic yarn... Bring on the Wool Blend!

Loops and Threads Cozy Wool

- Purchased at Micheals... this 50% Wool / 50% Acrylic Blend yarn should do the trick!

- It comes in lots of delightful colors, and in a 127g ball - I'm hoping it goes pretty far.

- My inspiration pattern is done in a super bulky yarn (5-6 wraps per inch) so this one fits the bill

- This yarn has fairly easy care instructions... still hand wash, and lie flat to dry, but the acrylic content makes it less likely the recipient will be able to felt the slippers by accident. (I hope)

The Pattern

I've seen the new Drops Design ( slippers everywhere... Pinterest, Facebook, Ravelry... the insides of my eyelids when I'm trying to sleep...

There are half a dozen different designs all featuring the same thing:  Chunky, squishy yarns.  Oversized, almost Ugg-ish Slipper Boots.  They look warm and super comfortable.  I've honestly been looking for a reason to make a pair for months now, and had been avoiding the yarn section at Michaels because I need more yarn like a hole in the head knew I couldn't resist!

When this new project came along, I wondered if there was a way

to modify one of the Drops Patterns to make it Whovian enough to work.  I really like the shape of the foot on the "150-4 Little Red Riding Slippers"... so I think I'm going to start there and then see if instead of the cabled ankles, try and add a grid reminiscent of Tardis windows and add some kind of custom buttons to Doctor it Up.

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