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18. August 2009 07:30
by Jobo

Ocean Blue Silk Merino Singles... Fresh of the Spindle

18. August 2009 07:30 by Jobo | 1 Comments


My first project off the Golding Spindle (which still doesn't have an appropriate name yet, any suggestions?)

Fiber Credit:  Fleece Artist Merino/Silk Sliver

There are some thick and thin, and perhaps a little slubby spots here and there, but overall I think I have achieved a mostly uniform light lace weight single.  And what the yarn lacks in consistancy... boy does that colour make up for it!  Strands vary from almost white to dark navy, and every shade of turquoise and green in between.  The silk gives lots of strength and shine, and the merino lends softness and bounce.

Trying to capture all of the shine and colour subtleties was really difficult... I hope that whatever Finished Object it ends up becoming will be easier to photograph.  I ended up with about 330 yards of singles... so enough for a small shawl or a scarf for sure.  I have some pattern ideas, and once I get past the test phase I will show you what I'm up to :)

And of course, one more picture... just because I can!

10. August 2009 10:39
by Jobo

Golding Spindle - amazed beyond words!

10. August 2009 10:39 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I knew just from seeing photographs of Golding spindles that I wanted to have one of my own someday... but seriously folks, this is a Niiiicccceee spindle!

Like a kid in the candy shop, I arrived at the post office to pick up my new toy, and was so excited that I had the box torn open and was digging inside before the lady at the desk was even able to find my name in the received log!  Gently wrapped in tissue paper in all her glory - my new spindle!

From the moment I unwrapped it, it was obvious that this spindle was made by a seriously talented craftsman.  All wood surfaces are baby's-bottom smooth and pleasing to the touch. The bronze alloy accents add just enough gleam to compliment the walnut.  Classy. 


So I was obviously in love the second I saw it... but how does it spin?  Like a dream. 

Compared to the primitive old crappy thing I had been using before (made from a child's wooden toy wheel and a piece of dowel) the Golding feels so refined and professional.  The shaft has little grooves cut into the wood to help improve grip when giving the spindle a flick start - it feels like it takes no effort at all to get it started.  And once the spindle has started spinning... the balanced whorl just keeps going and going forever.  Even though I am not a very experienced spindler, I can draft all the way to the floor when working in the standing position (thats like 3.5 feet) and there is still plenty of spin potential.  Having the weight distributed in a ring around the perimeter of the whorl makes the spinning effortless.  Even the hook feels balanced.  Every stage of the spinning process is a delight working on this spindle.  I guess having quality tools to work with really makes a difference!?  Gotta love tools that are beautiful AND functional.

For my first project on the Golding I decided to use up my last braid of Fleece Artist Merino/Silk Sliver - blues and greens in the colours of the ocean.  I thought this might be a good thing to start with because of the clingyness of the preparation.  I found that the fibers weren't too slippery, and hopefully I wouldn't drop my beautiful new spindle on the floor too many times.  This is the third braid of this fiber that I had bought to learn on as one of my first fiber projects.


The resulting 2 cops of singles are quite thin, a thin laceweight likely.  My goal is to make a really airy gossamer scarf with it.  Something pretty and lacy.  I know I don't have much yardage, but that's ok - just because I live in Canada doesn't mean I want a hundred big bulky warm scarves!  I skeined and washed the singles last night, and they are hanging off the back of the bathroom door at home waiting patiently for me to get home from work tonight and ball them up.  The colours are sooooo beautiful... like waves on the ocean in every shade of sun-kissed blue green and turquoise.  Will post more pics later on :)

Bottom line:

- Thinking about investing in a Golding Spindle?  Go for it.  This is amazing craftsmanship, and worth every penny.  Every time I pick it up, I have a difficult time to put it down... kind of like putting down a good book.  This Spindle is my new favorite fiber tool!

Golding Fiber Tools


22. July 2009 13:09
by Jobo

Worth it's Weight in Gold... ing

22. July 2009 13:09 by Jobo | 1 Comments

I've been eyeing up Tom Golding's Spindles and Wheels for a while... every time I check out the site I have to wipe the drool off of my keyboard! (link here if you are brave enough ;))

The wheels especially are exquisite, albeit quite a ways outside my price range.  They have some custom designed ones that are just incredible, with carved animals and vines.  You just have to see them to believe them.  If I were to somehow win a few million dollars, I'd place my order for a dragonfly wheel tomorrow!

Last evening, while working an exceptionally boring overtime shift at the hospital... I happened upon an article about spindles again.  I decided I should finally take the plunge and get myself a spindle that is made of quality materials.  The one I have now is a beginner spindle, made from a wooden toy car wheel and a dowel, is still raw wood without any finish, and is on the heavy side.  This one is the polar opposite :)

This spindle is made of Walnut and has a beautiful bronze celtic knot inlay, and a bronze ring.  She weighs 1.6 ounces (so on the medium to light side) and has a 2 3/4 inch whorl.  The dark wood and fancy inlay make this spindle look so elegant!  I'm sure it will be a dream to spin with.... must choose fiber for test run mwa ha ha!

Now I just have to wait for her to arrive :(  Shipping is supposed to take 7-10 days, but the maker has contacted me to tell me that everything is in order, and the product is on it's way.  Great customer service also by the way!

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