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20. February 2012 09:21
by Jobo

A Care Package? with some spinner?s inspiration ? Satin Angora

20. February 2012 09:21 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Since I?ve been feeling a bit blue the last little while since the baby came? a friend sent me a care package in the mail with some nice tea and a handful of soft fluffy spinning inspiration ? some of her own home grown Satin Angora Fiber from her bum ?Lady in Red?! (if you want to check out Stella?s Farm Page, click the linky!  She has lots of different breeds of rabbits, sheep and alpacas.  I?m so jealous!  It?s called Twist of Fate Family Farm)

It?s been difficult to find much time for anything other than baby lately, so having a bit of satiny shiny light fiber just sitting there has been quite inspiring!  Just what I needed to kick me in the pants and pick up a spindle and see what I can do with it.

First off ? the staple length is great on this one.  It?s nice and long, so it spins up nice and strong, but not so lengthy that it?s hard to draft.  In a way, this spin reminds me a bit of working with silk, especially when I get a poof with a few extra guard hairs in it and feel the strong soft shiny fiber slide through my hands.  Angora in general is a bit slippery, but that?s nothing new to me :)  The color is a creamy, almost peach color, with auburn or rusty tips.  I love the way the two tones are blending together to give a shiny gold effect.

satin angora staple

My plan was to just spin it fine and see how things went from there? and then I got the idea that maybe it would be suited to pair with some natural honey colored tussah silk, since the color is working out to be a nice gold/creamy/shiny effect.  I?ve been working on a zebisis designs stone whorl spindle, with a weight I can?t remember off the top of my head.  I don?t work with heavy spindles, so I can assume it?s much less than 30g? more likely 15 ? 17g.  After the fiber comes off, I?ll weigh it and remind myself. 

satin angora spindle

I hope to be able to get enough yardage to make something small and lacy.  If I can manage 400 yards or more, I might even get a shawl out of it since I?m stretching the angora out by plying it with silk.  I can?t wait for the silk to arrive in the mail? though I?m not sure what I?m so impatient for:  it will likely take me all month to spin the angora?!

22. August 2011 04:14
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday... Getting back on the horse...

22. August 2011 04:14 by Jobo | 0 Comments

It's been a while sportsfans yarn-fans!  The summer has been trucking along, and my blogging hasn't really been able to keep up lately... see friday's post about my Summer War Stories...

I have brought a few new spindles into the fold though:  the first of which is a Bird's Eye Maple Bosworth Mini!

Birdseye Bossie

I've debated over buying a "Bossie" for a while now.  They have a fantastic reputation for being above average spindles, spin like little whirling dervishes, and being durable and reliable to boot.  I had looked into the basics about a year ago, and then kindof forgot.

I really, really love this spindle!  The weight is perfect for the kinds of extra light lace weight yarn I am drawn to these days.  At 18 g this is plenty light, but also the construction feels nice and substantial even though the spindle is small and delicate.  The hook feels like it will stand the test of time, unlike some other cheaper spindles I've bought where the wire has a mind of it's own.  The notch placement and whorl itself are lovely and smooth.

The spin itself is what really gets me charged up though.  This spindle is perfectly in balance!  One little flick of the shaft and this little baby is sent into a wonderful, fast, balanced spin.  The shaft is un-varnished for extra finger grip too, which I'm sure, adds to that fast even spin. 

First I blew through the little sample that came attached (Eek!  I finished spinning that Sheila Bosworth started!  *swoon*) and then started into some of the Angora I had processed at the Mill this summer (Belfast Mini Mills - FYI!).  The fiber is a 75/25 Merino/Ruttiger Blend, and is nice and light and airy.  My goal was to turn 4 ounces or so of it into something cobwebby, even lighter than my usual laceweight, and see what kind of yardage I can muster.  Ideally, I'd like to make a square Haapsalu style shawl out of it, maybe something like the Crown Prince Shawl, but perhaps of my own design-finagling with the help of the Haapsalu Shawl book.  The roving is a silvery cream color, hopefully showing off a silvery grey halo as it is knit up.  As I get more of it completed I'll have to post about it too.  So far I've spun the first 0.5 ounce portion and started into the second.  My idea was to spin 8 cops of 0.5 ounces each, then put 2 strands together for the thread, and hopefully end up with 4 skeins for the whole project.  (Then I might only have to sew in 8 ends!  I find it challenging to weave in ends with ultra fine laceweight.  I always worry the ends will work themselves out!)

Anyways - Here's Birdie!  My first, and definitely not last Bosworth Spindle!

12. May 2011 08:29
by Jobo

Purple Moth BFL/Silk Blend... taking flight!

12. May 2011 08:29 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Trying out a new fiber blend, and a new-to-me spindle!

purple moth spindle

I started yesterday on the shiny rich braid of BFL/Silk that was eating a hole in my stash... I guess I just felt like the day needed something like a new project.  After waiting for several months (stupid PEI Weather, and the Stupid Frostline) we were finally able to have Grampy's Burial Service yesterday.  I knew I would be sitting around most of the day with family... and I knew how much having a good spinnable-companion might help my stress level and concentration.Purple Butterfly BFL Silk Braid

In case you forget what the Braid looked like:  Here she is!  Purple Moth, a shiny blend of jewelled tones of pink, purple and gold from AllForLoveOfYarn over on etsy.

The spindle is a Zebisis Stone Whorl that I picked up on a destash a while ago... I think the stone is Spiderweb Agate, which is a little ironic since I am quite ridiculously afraid of spiders.  sigh.  It weighs around 1 ounce, just right for a fine silky fiber.  I had to adjust the hook a little, but overall, I am enjoying this spindle quite a lot!

I'm debating leaving this as a single, or perhaps plying... yet to be decided, I guess... any opinions or comments?

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