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28. May 2010 10:34
by Jobo

Ruttiger... The baby is growing!

28. May 2010 10:34 by Jobo | 4 Comments

A friend and I went to visit the baby wabbits up at the farm last weekend... sorry it took so long to share the photos!

These little furbabies are English Angora rabbits... one of whom I will be adopting around the first of July!  The litter had 6 little ones - the runt didn't make it... so there are 5 babies peeping around the nest box.  The breeders want to keep the white one, and there are 4 other grey ones for me to choose from.  At this point since they are so small yet, and their coats are still growing in, it is still impossible to know what they will look like as adults.  Two of the grey babies are light in color, and the other two are slightly darker.


I know it's hard to see much in the nest... with all of the hay and soft fluffy angora!  The bunnies seem very happy in there, and nice and warm.  Their eyes are just starting to open at this point, and they are starting to wander around a little bit

ruttiger  <--  This little guy kept poking his little wiggly nose out of the box to sniff the springtime air and check out the lawn.

I think the babies must have recently fed, because their little bellies were round and full and warm.  They didn't seem to mind being held at all, and their Mom "Reba" was not upset by the fact that were were handling them either.  This is her second litter of kits since Melvin and Lorraine got their pair. 

The mother is a Blue English Angora, lovingly named Reba after the country singer Reba MacIntyre, and the father is a Tort named Tim, for another country superstar of course, Tim McGraw.  They are as attractive a couple in fur-form as they would be in real life :P

Steph and Ruttiger

For someone who doesn't want a rabbit... my Friend S was getting pretty cozy with a little grey one!  I think there might be another rabbit lover in the making here!

I was so excited about petting and holding the little guys that I almost forgot to take any photos!  In fact I went back to the car about halfway through the visit to get it, after having forgotten completely that I had promised to show pictures!

Happy Friday!

7. April 2010 16:00
by Jobo

Handspun Socks on Tilt: Diagonal Lace

7. April 2010 16:00 by Jobo | 7 Comments

 diagonal pose

What a fun Knit! 

I finished the last bit of twisted ribbing on my Diagonal Lace socks (free pattern made available by the designer Wendy Johnson!  Awesome!)

This was my 4th pair of handspun socks... and I was really impressed with myself that the yarn was fine enough to knit the pattern as written, without having to make any serious modifications. 

I used the "small" version of this pattern, and things worked out perfect for my size 8 feet.  Normally I would do the medium or large, so it felt like these just flew off the needles at 64 stitches to the round.  (especially after the last pair which was 72 stitches around)  I used size 2.75 mm DPNs.

The pattern itself was very tidy and well written, as are all of Wendy's patterns that I've tried to date.  The repeating diagonal line of eyelets was very intuitive and straightforward to follow.  This was a great "car" knitting pattern, and I plan to knit another pair soon!


Trying to use up as much of this cotton candy sweet yarn as possible, I worked on both socks at the same time, by switching back and forth.  I think these are the tallest socks I've made to date... they seem to swallow my sock blockers!  In the end, I think could have knit another whole lace repeat before starting the twisted rib, but I was afraid to run out.  I ended up with two very small balls of yarn, maybe enough for a pair of newborn socks... very small ones.

diagonal leftover yarn I know that some people like their socks to be identical...  I'm not sure why, but I really like the idea of Fraternal Socks! 

As a teenager (and still on the weekends when I don't have to look "professional") I used to wear mismatched socks.  As long as the color scheme matched, it didn't matter to me if one sock was striped and the other was flowery. 

These socks obviously come from the same ball of yarn, but are not identical.  Yet another reason to Love hand spun yarns ;)

<--- Check out those squishy Slip-Stitch Heels?



I hope you don't mind the shameless photo montage that follows... I'm really pleased with these, and I couldn't wait to show them off to the world!

diagonal toes modified color

diagonal in between modified color diagonal stockinette diagonal curlique modified color

diagonal lace and leftovers

diagonal on

diagonal pair

I decided this was as good a time as any... to try a new Stretch Bind-off for these socks.  Because they come up so high, I knew it would be important for the cuffs to be comfortable around my calves.  After a quick internet search for suitable techniques, I chose to do Elizabeth Zimmermann's sewn bind-off.

The finished cast off doesn't actually feel all that stretchy, but fits okay.  I think I still prefer the typical bind off for triangle shawls that I usually do (K2, slip 1 stitch back to left needle, and k2tog through back loop) since it looks more polished.  The sewn edge looks a bit sloppy but that's likely due to the inexperience of the seamstress ;)  I'll have to try it again a few times before I master it probably.


Happy Knitting :)

5. April 2010 10:00
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday: Easter Edition!

5. April 2010 10:00 by Jobo | 1 Comments

You might remember a post about this yarn some time ago (back in August here) about this Pretty Cotton Candy Blue navajo 3-ply Merino... Well I couldn't help myself this weekend and I finally decided on a suitable sock pattern to use this for :)  The light blues and purples and pinks made me think of Easter eggs and spring time.  The weather here this week has been excellent and warm - gotta love t-shirt weather in March and April!

cotton candy handspun

Here is just a sneak peak at the socks in progress - Wendy Johnsons Diagonal Lace Socks


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