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17. October 2014 09:00
by Jobo

Tardis Slippers... the Yarn and Concept

17. October 2014 09:00 by Jobo | 0 Comments

The Yarn

I'm a self admitted yarn snob.  I love silks and wools... I'd go into the studio and roll around in a pile of them on the floor... but I digress.

For Slippers - the cushiest, squishiest wools are not very durable, and therefore are not very practical either.  In the interest of slipper preservation, I decided that this was one of those times where the "fancy schmancy" yarn really wasn't going to give me the best finished product in the end. 

Ever wonder why our Grandmas knit slippers from that Plasticy Phentex stuff?  It was INDESTRUCTABLE!  (albeit, likely flammable, ugh, wearing near a wood stove?  melty-hot toes!)  I think I still have the pair from 10 years ago around here somewhere.  The old plastic Phentex yarn was basically just a rough acrylic, but intended for really hard wearing uses, like on our feet, or in a tough blanket.

So I wanted something in between!  Some of the squish and comfort of a real wool, but some of the hardwearing and practical qualities of an acrylic yarn... Bring on the Wool Blend!

Loops and Threads Cozy Wool

- Purchased at Micheals... this 50% Wool / 50% Acrylic Blend yarn should do the trick!

- It comes in lots of delightful colors, and in a 127g ball - I'm hoping it goes pretty far.

- My inspiration pattern is done in a super bulky yarn (5-6 wraps per inch) so this one fits the bill

- This yarn has fairly easy care instructions... still hand wash, and lie flat to dry, but the acrylic content makes it less likely the recipient will be able to felt the slippers by accident. (I hope)

The Pattern

I've seen the new Drops Design ( slippers everywhere... Pinterest, Facebook, Ravelry... the insides of my eyelids when I'm trying to sleep...

There are half a dozen different designs all featuring the same thing:  Chunky, squishy yarns.  Oversized, almost Ugg-ish Slipper Boots.  They look warm and super comfortable.  I've honestly been looking for a reason to make a pair for months now, and had been avoiding the yarn section at Michaels because I need more yarn like a hole in the head knew I couldn't resist!

When this new project came along, I wondered if there was a way

to modify one of the Drops Patterns to make it Whovian enough to work.  I really like the shape of the foot on the "150-4 Little Red Riding Slippers"... so I think I'm going to start there and then see if instead of the cabled ankles, try and add a grid reminiscent of Tardis windows and add some kind of custom buttons to Doctor it Up.

15. October 2014 07:31
by Jobo

And it Begins... A New Custom Project Request (to help restore my fleeting Sanity?)

15. October 2014 07:31 by Jobo | 2 Comments

Our family has recently started a new chapter of our lives... adding kiddo number two to our family.  There have been lots of sleepless nights, but also many smiles and much joy.  Little and Big Munchkin are having a great time getting to know one another :)

I'm about ready to go bonkers though... with lack of sleep and toddler and baby talk all day and night - my brain feels like mush.  I need to get back into the studio and creating things, or I'm afraid I might never feel like myself again! 

A new friend had the perfect thing go get my juices flowing again though - custom slippers for a gift for someone special.

 Slippers Yarn and Needle

And so the creative process begins... Why am I so excited by slippers?  This gentleman had a lot of neat ideas about what his wife might like, might find useful, and what she might find funny too! (Remember Guys:  Good looks get you in the door, but if you can't make her laugh, you're probably done!)  Extra brownie points when he knew her favorite color is Blue.  Extra Extra brownie points when he knew that her shoe size was a Ladies 7.  Extra fun customer points when he suggested that she watches Dr Who. 

Ok Folks - Likes Blue (check), Watches Dr Who (check) - Is anyone smelling a TARDIS project coming on?  I am!

Stay tuned: Will the new creative endeavour be enough to keep Jobo from completely losing her mind?  Will it be more fun than changing a bazillion diapers and dragging a (very cute) toddler to the potty?  Will it be less fattening than the ice-cream I've been inhaling before bed every night?  Updates to follow!

22. January 2014 17:14
by Jobo

Strawberries on a Bristlecone Glindle

22. January 2014 17:14 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Berries on a Bristlecone Glindle

It's winter in Canada.  Read:  Snowy and dark short days a lot of the time.  Of course, this is kind of a bummer, but it's temporary for a few months.  Things will get better. 

In the mean time, I've been trying to fill my crafting time with Bright and Cheery Colors :)

Above you see my "Outlander" Bristlecone Glindle... complete with Scottish Thistle and lavender glass focal... robed in a lovely Strawberry Red BFL Handpainted Top from Lofty Fibers.  It's my first experience with this dyer, and I'm loving it so far.  There were a few small felted sections in the first bit of the fiber, but after that it's been smooth sailing.  This one was a gift from a friend for Christmas, and it's so berry red, you can almost smell summerfresh strawberries. 

The plan is to divide the whole braid in half (two identical but thinner tops) and spin them as is and make a laceweight 2-ply.  I don't know what I'll make - but I do know I've been craving strawberries for an entire month now.  Any idea why?

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